Special Procedure Tech - Cardiac Cath Lab - Full Time - Days

Fairfield Medical Center

Job Description

The Cardiology Lab provides service for patients undergoing diagnostic and interventional cardiac, peripheral, and electrophysiology related procedures. The department supports all functions related to these procedures including but not limited to: patient care, information management, equipment operation and maintenance. The lab is staffed for operation during daytime hours and for extended hours as needed. 24/7 call coverage is provided for emergent procedures.

This position is responsible for providing optimum levels of patient care during procedures under the direction of the Catheterization Lab Medical Director, manager, and supervisor. The technologist must also carry out all necessary technical/ non-technical tasks associated with procedures and the operation and maintenance of equipment used for such procedures.

Customer Relations

While performing the above, the employee will enhance positive relations with all customers including

but not limited to: patients, families, hospital and medical staff.

Team Member Relations and Quality of Service

This position will willingly share knowledge with others, promote and support new roles, assist in staffing

needs, maintain safe environment, all to facilitate meeting organizational goals.

All the duties and standards within this job description will be performed according to the established

policies and guidelines outlined in the department and Center policy and procedure manuals. These will be

measured through surveys, department goals, peer input, expectation and experience.


1. Prepare patients and laboratory for procedures, observe/record patient condition, vital signs, and provide direct patient care pre, intra, and post procedure.

2. Set up lab using sterile technique, prepare sterile pack of instruments and catheters, and drape equipment and patient to maintain sterile fields, prepare and calibrate equipment for procedure.

3. Position patient on x-ray/Catheterization table, attach EKG, and provide comfort and teaching.

4. Provide care appropriate to the age of patients undergoing catheterization (young adult to geriatric) and identify each patient requirements and age specific needs.

5. Observe patient for possible discomfort, shortness of breath, chest pain, arrhythmias, allergic reactions, etc. Check vital signs as needed.

6. Recognize any unusual patient condition and initiate emergency measures including: oxygen therapy, suction, CPR, defibrillation, etc.

7. Balance and calibrate fluid filled pressure transducer system and micro-tip catheters for pressure flow measurements.

8. Assist physician within the scope of practice.

9. Monitor intravascular/intracardiac pressure and EKG readings displayed on monitor/recorder, interpret results, and report any variances from normal to the physician.

10. Assist with pacemaker insertion, /ICD/, temporary pacemaker and implantation.

11. Set up and operate power injector for delivering accurate amount of contrast as desired flow rates.
Assist physician with arterial sheath care and removal providing direct digital pressure or closure device to achieve hemostasis.
Operate digital x-ray system positioning patient and setting x-ray technique assuring proper imaging. Acquires, processes, and analyzes images.
May assess the IV site.
Operate CD recording (electronic storage) systems for storage and instant reviewing and digital images used during procedures.
Operate Witt Cath lab monitor/recorder including surface EKG, intracardiac EKG, intravascular/intracardiac pressure, cardiac output, etc.
Operate Bloom, Cordis, and/or Medtronic stimulators during Electrophysiological procedures.
Operate oximeter for the determination of oxygen content of blood.
Perform data calculations of studies as directed by physicians, participate in computer data entry, maintain databases, and generate reports of studies done.
Record all pertinent facts of each procedure done in laboratories. Assist in the storage and retrieval of patient data.
Maintain and check function of equipment regularly, participating in quality control and quality assurance.
Order and stock lab with supplies as needed for procedures.
Collect and prepare specimens for laboratory analysis.
Other duties as necessary including answering phones, assist in scheduling for procedures and patient transportation.
Teaching of procedures and cardiac disease to allied health students, staff, and nursing.
Operates Prucka equipment during electrophysiology studies.
As a representative of the Center, demonstrates responsibility and accountability for enhancing positive interactions and diffusing negative situations.

Performs and documents initial ongoing assessments that are thorough, accurate, and timely. Assessment will reflect the individuals need which is appropriate to the age of patient population.
Implement clinical and technical aspects of patient care in accordance with established policy and procedure in a timely and efficient manner.
Verifies orders, ensuring appropriateness for patient and/or client. The technologist will notify the physician if orders are unclear, or are in disagreement with patients desires. Charting will reflect implementation of orders
Clinical Expertise
Consistently demonstrates clinical area of expertise.
Utilize resources effectively and efficiently to enhance positive outcomes in patient care, department needs and the Centers mission, by floating to other areas as assigned, expediting admission/discharge/transfer of patients, adhering to identified work schedule and maintaining patients rights and dignity.




Graduate of an AMA approved school or Associate Degree from an AMA approved school in Radiologic



Registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). Maintains licensure

requirements for the State of Ohio. Maintains annual CPR Certification. ACLS required within one year

of hire.