Licensing Boards

State Medical Board of Ohio
Established by the state legislature in 1896, the Medical Board strives to protect and enhance the health and welfare of Ohio’s citizens through effective regulation of more than 55,000 licensees, including: medical doctors (MDs), doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs), doctors of podiatric medicine and surgery (DPMs), physician assistants (PAs), massage therapists (MTs), cosmetic therapists (CTs), anesthesiology assistants (AAs) and acupuncturists.
State Medical Board of Ohio
30 E. Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Columbus, Ohio  43215-6127
Phone: 614-466-3934 |  Fax: 614-728-5946
Website: http://www.med.ohio.gov/
Ohio Department of Health
Public health is critical to Ohioans; it touches every life from cradle to grave. This is an exciting time for the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Our vision and mission are clear, and this strategic plan is a road map to our future. VISION “Optimal Health for All Ohioans” MISSION “To Protect and Improve the Health of All Ohioans by Preventing Disease, Promoting Good Health and Assuring Access to Quality Health Care”

Ohio Department of Health
246 N. High St.,
Columbus, Ohio 43215
General Information Phone: 614-466-3543
Website: www.odh.ohio.gov
Ohio Board of Nursing
The Ohio Board of Nursing is the regulatory board. It is an agency of state government that was established through enactment by the Ohio General Assembly (the state legislature) of a law that mandates both the structure of the Board and the Board’s functions. The Board is made up of 13 individuals, 8 registered nurses, 4 licensed practical nurses, and one consumer appointed by the governor. Board members are public officials and their meetings are open to the public as are virtually all of their records. The regulatory body is a governmental body to which individual health care practitioners must pay fees (called licensure fees) in order to practice legally in the state of Ohio.
Associations include the Ohio Nurses Association, the Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Ohio, the Association for Advanced Practice Nurses, the Ohio Association of Nurse Anesthetists, dialysis technician associations, and state chapters of other specialty organizations such as operating room nurses, critical care nurses, nephrology nurses and other nursing specialty groups. A board of trustees elected by association members typically runs associations. Association meetings can be closed to the general public, with the elected leadership remaining private citizens. The association is a non-governmental body whose members pay voluntary membership dues.
Ohio Board of Nursing
17 South High Street Suite 400
Columbus,  Ohio  43215
Phone:  (614) 466-3947 |  FAX: (614) 466-0388
Licensure Unit: 614-995-7675 http://licensure@nursing.ohio.gov 
Renewal Unit: 614-995-5420 http://renewal@nursing.ohio.gov
Website: http://www.nursing.ohio.gov
Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers Board
The Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers (OTPTAT) Board is responsible for the regulation of the practice of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and athletic training in the State of Ohio. The board was established in 1976 as the Occupational Therapy Board. In 1977, regulation of physical therapy was transferred from the Medical Board to the Ohio Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Board. In 1990, licensure of athletic trainers was added to the responsibility of the Ohio OTPTAT Board.
The regulation of the three professions includes: issuing and renewing the licenses of properly qualified individuals; investigating complaints against licensees; monitoring compliance with mandatory continuing education requirements; and educating licensees and the consumers of the services provided by the board's licensees on the laws and rules that govern the practice of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and athletic training in Ohio and the board's role to promote and protect the health of the citizens of Ohio through effective regulation of these three professions.
Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers Board
77 S. High Street, 16th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
Tel: (614) 466-3774 | Fax: (614) 995-0816 | TTY: (877) 644-6826
Email: http://oard@otptat.ohio.gov
Website: http://www.otptat.ohio.gov
Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
Ohio State Board of Pharmacy was established by the Ohio Legislature in May of 1884 and has been in continuous service to the citizens of Ohio since that time. The duties of the Board have grown over the years and, like all other professional licensing boards, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy is responsible for the licensing of the professionals that practice under the Board’s authority. In our case, this includes pharmacists and pharmacy interns. In addition, the Board licenses sites where Dangerous Drugs (primarily those requiring a prescription) are purchased and stored prior to the delivery to a patient. The site licenses are issued by the Board as either a Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs (mainly retail type settings) or a Wholesale Distributor of Dangerous Drugs. Terminal Distributor sites include, but are not limited to, retail pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and jails, emergency medical squads, clinics, medical gas distributors, etc.at this time, encompass the enforcement of the following chapters in the Ohio Revised Code.
Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
77 South High Street, Room 1702
Columbus, OH 43215-6126
Phone: 614-466-4143
Fax: 614-752-4836
TTY/TDD Ohio Relay Service: 1-800-750-0750
Website: http:www.pharmacy.ohio.gov
Ohio Medical Transportation Board - OMTB
The Mission of OMTB is to ensure through inspection, certification, and licensure that all non-emergency, emergency, and air medical  service organizations  regulated  by Ohio Revised Code 4766  and the rules promulgated there under provide appropriate care and transportation for the citizens of Ohio.
The Ohio Medical Transportation Board
1952 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43223
Phone: 614-466-9451    
Fax: 614-728-6040    
Toll Free: 866-392-6252
Website: http://ems.ohio.gov/
Ohio Board of Dietetics
“The mission of the Ohio Board of Dietetics is to effectively protect the public by regulating the practice of dietetics through licensure, and by fairly and consistently enforcing the laws and rules governing nutritional practices.”

Ohio Board of Dietetics
77 South High Street, 18th floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6119
Phone: 614-466-3291
Fax: 614-728-0723
Website: http://www.dietetics.ohio.gov
Ohio Board of Psychology
“The State Board of Psychology ensures Ohioans’ access to safe and competent psychological services through examination, licensing, education, and enforcement.”

Ohio Board of Psychology
Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts
77 S. High Street Suite 1830
Columbus, OH 43215-6108
Phone: 614-466-8808 Fax: 614-728-7081 Toll Free: 877-779-7446 Website: http://www.psychology.ohio.gov/index.stm
Radiologic Technologist (Ohio Department of Health)
“Any individual who performs radiologic procedures on humans must hold a valid Ohio radiologic license, according to the Ohio Revised Code. Radiologic licenses are issued for the following categories: Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapist and General X-ray Machine Operator (GXMO).

The Radiologic Licensure program ensures standards of knowledge and skill for operators who apply radiation to humans for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Through continuous enforcement, initiative and action, the program assures medical patients receive quality diagnostic imaging and services.

The program is funded by initial license application fees, renewal fees and educational provider fees. The program has licensed more than 16,000 operators, 48 educational facilities and 170 continuing educational courses.

Ohio Department of Health
Radiologic Licensure 246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-752-4319
Fax: 614-466-0381
Ohio Board of Respiratory Care
“The Mission of the Respiratory Care Board is to protect and serve the public of Ohio by effectively and efficiently regulating the practice of Respiratory Care and Home Medical Equipment facility licensure and registration in the State of Ohio through the licensing of qualified practitioners and facilities, the establishment of standards for respiratory care educational programs and facility inspection standards, and the enforcement of the laws and rules governing both practices.

The Ohio Respiratory Care Board has dual functions: the licensing and regulation of respiratory care professionals under Chapter 4761 of the Ohio Revised Code and licensing and registration of Home Medical Equipment facilities offering to sell, deliver, rent, install, demonstrate, replace or maintain specified home medical equipment in Ohio under Chapter 4752 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Ohio Board of Respiratory Care
Christopher H. Logsdon, Executive Director
77 S. High Street, 16th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-752-9218
Fax: 614-728-8691
Website: http://www.respiratorycare.ohio.gov
Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
“The mission of the Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology is to protect the health and promote the welfare of the citizens of Ohio by licensing and regulating the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology pursuant to Chapter 4753 of the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code.

Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
77 South High Street 16th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-466-3145
Fax: 614/995-2286
Website: http://www.slpaud.ohio.gov
Ohio Board of Sanitarian Registration
“The mission of the State Board of Sanitarian Registration is to protect public health by ensuring registered sanitarians (professionals engaged in the practice of environmental health) possess and maintain specialized knowledge and skills in the field of environmental health. This is accomplished pursuant to Chapter 4736 of the Revised Code by minimum education standards, examination, continuing education requirements, and the investigation of complaints filed with the Board.

Ohio Board of Sanitarian Registration
77 South High Street, 16th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
Phone: 614-466-1772
Fax: 614-644-8112
Website: http://www.sanitarian.ohio.gov
Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board
The Counselor and Social Worker Board was created by legislation in 1984. The Board's primary responsibility is to protect the citizens of the State of Ohio through the licensure of Counselors and Social Workers. The Board does this through the establishment of licensure and practice standards for the professional practice of counseling and social work.

In April 2004 Marriage and Family Therapists were added as a licensee group and the Board's name changed to the Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Board.

The Board consists of fifteen members appointed by the Governor. Four members must be licensed professional counselors; four members must be licensed social workers or independent social workers; four members must be independent marriage and family therapists or marriage and family therapists; and three members are representatives of the public.

Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board
50 W. Broad Street,
Columbus, Ohio 43215
General Inquiries - 614-466-0912
Website: http://www.cswmft.ohio.gov/